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Your Advisor

Advisor Contact Email Phone
Brad Phillips Dominique Canny dominiquec(at) (03) 928 5160
Dominique Canny dominiquec(at) (03) 928 5160
Brian McStay brianm(at) (03) 211 3786
Chris Shaw Holly Flannery hollyf(at) (03) 928 5159
Craig McCallum Jessica Wolfreys jessicaw(at) (03) 211 3779
Craig Sutherland Rebecca Fairweather rebeccaf(at) (03) 211 3787
Sarah Hopkins Jessica Wolfreys jessicaw(at) (03) 928 5161
Stewart Perkins Oscar Jenkins oscarj(at) (03) 211 0801


Use this checklist if the entity is in a commercial business including:

Retail, contracting, providers of service, manufacturing, tourism/hospitality and trades.

Download Commercial Checklist

Use this checklist if the entity is in a farming business including:

Dairy, sheep/beef, grazing, cropping and farm rentals.

Download Farming Checklist

Use this checklist if the entity is a rental/investment business including:

Financial investments, residential rentals, commercial rentals, trust holding shares, trust holding personal property and mixed use assets.

Download Investment/Rental Checklist

Use this checklist if the entity requires a tax return only including:

Salary and wages, residential rentals, interest and dividends and overseas income.

Download Tax Return Only Checklist

Additional Checklists

Download Tax Return Rental Checklist

Download Working for Families Checklist


To the left are the links to checklists required to be completed and provided with the information for your Annual Financial Statements & Tax Returns.

Step 1: Identify the entities (Company, Partnership, Trust, Sole Trader) for whom Annual Financial Statements are to be prepared for.

Step 2: Download the appropriate checklist(s) by clicking the links below (Also available for collection from reception).

  • One checklist is required for each entity (Company, Partnership, Trust, Sole Trader).
  • If you only have tax returns prepared download the Tax Return Only checklist.
  • If you receive Working for Families please also download a Working for Families checklist.
  • If you own a rental property individually or jointly (not in a Company, Partnership or Trust) also complete a Tax Return Rental checklist.

Step 3: Complete the checklists and compile information. Electronic documents and backups can be emailed direct to the appropriate contact email address as below.

Step 4: Make an appointment to drop in your information.

If you have any questions regarding these checklists feel free to contact us.

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