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Once a business has been operating for three years, ACC factors in the worked-related claims history of the business when calculating the Work levy. The levy can stay the same, be discounted or have a loading applied. The Work levy funds injuries that happen at work.

Work levies can be reduced by preventing injuries at work and helping injured employees get back to work sooner. A business automatically joins the “No Claims Discount” or the “Experience Rating Programme” (a system of adjusting a business’ ACC Work levy based on its claim’s history). The programme a business joins depends on how much the Work levy is every year, over a three year period.

If you are part of the Experience Rating Programme or No-Claims Discount Programme an injury and the duration of any weekly compensation payments for that injury, may affect your levy.

By remaining involved with your employee's return to work planning you have an opportunity to help them and minimise any impact on your levy.


Whilst this is an extreme example we have seen, due to one employee’s work related injury, a business went from an experience rating discount of 44.5% in 2018 to an experience rating loading of 13.22% in 2019. This lead to a 57.72% increase in work levies. This was the result of 122 days of weekly compensation cover. The injury will continue to have an impact on the business’ experience rating for another two years as ACC look at injuries over the last three years.

Because of the above, it is important that you review any employee claims your business receives for a work related injury. You need to confirm with the employee that the injury is work related. If you disagree that the injury is work related you need to contact ACC as soon as possible because if you need to apply for an ACC review this must happen within 90 days of the injury occurring.

ACC Errors

ACC recently released a media statement admitting that they have made errors in their invoicing to customers, dating back to 2002. They have identified two types of errors that they have been making for over 16 years. ACC is working through a process to identify any customers who have been impacted and will refund these customers over the next 7 months.

If you do not want to wait, there is an option to check if you are due a refund. ACC cannot definitively confirm whether you are impacted, but they can definitively confirm if you are not impacted. Using the below link you can use your ACC account number or IRD number to see if you are impacted, alternatively you can contact us to check on your behalf.

If there is a chance you are impacted you should ensure that the address ACC has for you is correct so that any correspondence can get to you.

Please contact Dominique Canny if you have any questions about this or wish to discuss anything further about ACC. Dominique can be contacted on 03 928 5160 or at Dominiquec(at)

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