Inland revenue no longer accepting cheques

From 1 March 2020, Inland Revenue will no longer be accepting cheques. This includes post-dated 1 March 2020 cheques. Instead, one of the following payment methods must be used:

  • myIR: Pay by direct debit and make debit card and credit card payments securely through myIR. Visit Inland Revenue’s website and login or register for myIR.
  • Online banking: Make payments using online banking. Contact your bank for more information.
  • Credit or debit card via Inland Revenue’s website: Use credit or debit cards to make online payments through Inland Revenue’s website. Visit
  • In person at Westpac Bank: Pay by EFTPOS or cash at a Westpac branch or Smart ATM.
  • Money transfer: From overseas pay Inland Revenue using a money transfer service. Search for “make a payment” on Inland Revenue’s website for more information.

Please note charges may apply for some payment options.

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