Business Start Up

Starting out in business can be daunting. Our team of experts have worked with businesses of all industries and sizes, so let us help you avoid some common pit falls and help you start out on the right track to grow your business

Business Plans & Mentoring

Planning is an essential part of growing a successful business. We want you to succeed and putting some thought into how and when you want to grow is important. Our advisors can help you put these growth plans in place and mentor you as you navigate the ups and downs.

Finance Proposals

At one point or another many businesses need to access finance in order to expand. Our close working relationship with banks and other lending institutions enable us to know what they are looking for in a finance proposal. Let us increase your chance of obtaining the finance you need.

Trusts & Asset Protection

Ensuring that your assets are protected and that your trustee obligations are met is very important. Being familiar with your own trust deeds, wills and powers of attorney is essential should anything unforeseen happen to you or a family member. We have extensive experience in the area of family trusts.

Succession Planning

Don't leave it too late to put your succession plan in place! Whether you are wanting to sell and re-invest or retire or pass your business on to your children, it's never too early to make a solid plan for the future of your business and family.

Debtor & Credit Support

If issuing and chasing invoices is not how you want to spend your time then why not make use of our in-house debtor & creditor support? We can look after all this administration on your behalf and free you up to focus on other aspects of your business.

Human Resources

Staff are one of the greatest assets you can have in business. We can provide assistance in: customising employment agreements & job descriptions, recruitment & interviewing, employee dispute resolution.

Team Building

Many elements affect how well a team work together in any organisation. Leadership and communication styles, personalities and trust are some of the key ones. We've worked with many clients on team building and the positive results that come from it can be seen in productivity, staff retention and morale.

Industry Benchmarking

Understanding how your business performs within your industry can provide valuable insights for you as a business owner. Industry benchmarking provides not only historical data but also relating to trends for the future.

Insolvency & Recovery

Facing insolvency is a very difficult situation in which a business owner can find themselves. Pressure from creditors, lending institutions or the IRD is extremely stressful. We can advise you on how best to deal with this from early warning signs and recovery options through to official insolvency proceedings.


Valuations can be required for a number of reasons, business re-structure, sale or merger, succession or indeed relationship break-up. Our team can undertake an accurate valuation to ensure you get the clearest picture of your tangible and intangible assets.

Systems/Process Reviews

We can help you create robust systems and processes to help your business operate more efficiently. Whether it's spreadsheet set ups, repairs, pivot tables, forecast models or reporting, our spreadsheet and software gurus can help you get the best out of IT systems.

“We have completed a Team Culture & Development workshop with Ashley Burdon from Coach Approach Rural and McIntyre Dick & Partners. Following the workshops our team are communicating better, striving for the same goals and are now a tighter knit team. We have been wrapped with the results and would encourage any farm team to consider using one of Coach Approach Rural’ s workshops on Team Culture – money well spent.”

Hamish & Mike Ryan, Mossburn

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