Steph Duffy

Reception, Marketing Assistant

As the embodiment of an Administration guru our lovely Steph joined the team in 2018 as an office junior, now turned Receptionist and Marketing assistant.

Steph will always point you in the right direction with any queries you may have and will always be the first to greet you with a smile. With impeccable phone etiquette she's sure to brighten your day.

As for her career, she has dabbled in the building, hospitality, and customer service industries. More recently she has been working closely alongside our Marketing manager Alex Crackett, fine tuning her Marketing skills and picking up as many tricks of the trade as she can. As our organization queen Steph has helped organise numerous client events, social club evenings, internal competitions and annual 'Big Day Out'. Steph also enjoys the social and people focused environment that McIntyre Dick provides. 

Outside of work you’ll find Steph travelling or spending quality time with her friends, partner Braedyn and their two dogs Kanye and Kobi.

Let's grab a coffee.

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