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Get your business running like clockwork with McIntyre Dick and PaySauce Payroll.

PaySauce is software for the human side of your business. Payroll, contracts, timesheets, leave management, and payments, all from your mobile or computer.

PaySauce is about more than simply payroll. PaySauce connects employees, managers, and administrators so those in charge of running payroll know they are receiving accurate and approved timesheets which they can trust.


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Why we use PaySauce

Accounting and payroll go hand-in-hand and we've chosen to partner with one of the best providers in NZ. PaySauce have a wide feature set that will complement your business and have your staff being paid accurately, faster, and from anywhere!

Some PaySauce payroll features include:

  • Automated Banking & Filing
  • Timesheets via Mobile App
  • Custom Costings
  • Extensive Reports
  • Full Audit Log

Let our PaySauce partnership take care of your payroll

As an official PaySauce partner, we know the product well and will support you by connecting you with our payroll specialist contact who can help ensure you remain compliant and your staff is paid accurately and on time.

They are able to access real-time payroll data, which will help us to provide you unique advisory services and support smarter decisions.

Talk to us to get started   Learn more about PaySauce Payroll


More Business Advisory services.

Our people focused approach is about getting to know your business like the back of our hands and building a lasting partnership based on honesty and trust, so you can grow, plan, and design your business for better.

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    Behind every set of books and every set of accounts are our clients. While our work naturally focuses on the numbers, our motivation is all about the people behind those numbers.

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    Team Culture Workshop

    McIntyre Dick has aligned with Coach Approach Rural to deliver interactive Team Culture development.

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    Taxation Advice

    We'll help you stay compliant and avoid late payment penalties and interest.

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    Business Acquisitions

    We'll undertake due diligence and work alongside you when acquiring a business.