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Every day around the country, our farmers and business people are doing us all proud. We truly value that. 

We've got a proud history of working with and supporting local communities throughout Southland, that’s a key part of who we are and what we do.


Our main community partnerships are:

Application tips

To best present, your proposal, read the guidelines below to see if your idea meets our criteria.

What we're looking for:

We want to deliver valuable benefits to our clients and the wider community. We are especially dedicated to supporting our client's families, industries and businesses. Our sponsorships must reflect a grassroots and community focus.

What we’re not looking for:

Being one of many sponsors in a cluttered commercial environment.

What we need from you:

In your proposal, please include:

  • Name, details and credentials of your organisation
  • Determine whether this proposal is national or local
  • Description of the event or project for which sponsorship is sought
  • Where and when the event is being held
  • Timeline for project profile of the target audience
  • Details of other confirmed sponsors
  • Media partners and details of confirmed exposure 
  • Level of sponsorship sought (principal, co-sponsor, supplier, etc)
  • Value-in-kind and cash requested
  • Details of the benefits of the sponsorship
  • Any further ideas you wish to include


We prefer to receive submissions by email.

Contact Us

If you cannot email your submission, please post it to:

Marketing Manager
McIntyre Dick
160 Spey Street, 

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