Know how to make tax payments online?

Most banks have a ‘tax payment’ option to allow for easy payment of tax to Inland Revenue. When paying online, this function asks you to enter the tax period you wish to pay to and the tax type you wish to pay. Examples of tax types include:

  • INC – Income tax
  • GST – Goods & Services Tax
  • DED – employer deductions including PAYE and KiwiSaver
  • FBT – fringe benefit tax
  • GAP – Tax type

Inland Revenue’s system, whilst allowing for the GAP, do not process payments under the GAP tax type. Payments should not be made to this tax code as significant time has to be spent finding the payment in Inland Revenue’s system. Instead, separate payments for GST and provisional tax should be made with:

- GST being paid to the GST tax type; and

- Provisional tax being paid to the INC tax type.

Please contact us if you have any questions with paying your tax.

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