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Growth Toolbox

How succession ready are you?

Your farm. Your legacy. You've built up significant assets, knowledge and skills, but how and when do you pass these on?

How ready is your family for Farm Succession? We have designed the following test to help you reflect on where you and your family are at with Farm Succession.

Complete these 20 questions (it should only take you 10 minutes) to identify from 5 factors the top 3 areas that you are well prepared in, and the top 3 areas you need to work on. If completing on your mobile phone ensure it is held landscape for ease of use.

"You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today" - Abraham Lincoln.

More Business Advisory services.

Our people focused approach is about getting to know your business like the back of our hands and building a lasting partnership based on honesty and trust, so you can grow, plan, and design your business for better.

  • Stategic Planning 2

    Strategic Planning

    Together we'll identify challenges that might be holding you back, and opportunities worth taking.

  • MDP August office 036

    Team Culture Workshop

    McIntyre Dick has aligned with Coach Approach Rural to deliver interactive Team Culture development.

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    Behind every set of books and every set of accounts are our clients. While our work naturally focuses on the numbers, our motivation is all about the people behind those numbers.

  • Tetramap


    Centering on communication and relationships, TetraMap┬« gives participants clarity on themselves, behavioural preferences, and how to best interact with their team.