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Complete online livestock crop and production tracking, farm budgeting and forecasting tool that gives you accurate data in one place, in real time.

As your financial advisors, our role is to ensure that your financial planning supports your goals, and as environmental regulation, debt management, and fluctuating commodity prices put pressure on your bottom line, we want to ensure you have the support and tools to succeed, which is why we would like to tell you about Xero and Figured.

Figured has been in the New Zealand market for over 5 years now, and has established itself as the leading online financial planning and management tool for farmers and accountants to work together.

Figured (with Xero) fulfils everything you have in your current software but offers so much more: 

  • Use data from previous years to quickly build a 12-month plan
  • Easily give your bank the reports they need - Cash Flow, Profit/Loss, Balance Sheet, and variance reports
  • Communicate with us (as your accountant), Rural Manager, and Farm Adviser directly from the platform so we can make better decisions quicker together
  • Real-time variance reports taking review how you’re tracking against your plan so you react in a timely manner
  • Test out the feasibility of your long-term goals in their scenario tool (i.e. are you on track and what risks could derail your goals)
  • We’ll be able to produce benchmarking and KPI reports for your farm operation and how you’re tracking against your peers

We’re experts in these softwares and would be delighted to work with you to find out which one could be right for you!


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