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Farm Focus Tip - the new CashManager Rural

May 17, 2022 / 1 minute read

Farm Focus is the new replacement to CashManager Rural, a stalwart of the NZ farm financial software platform.  No special software is required to be downloaded to your PC or laptop to run your software, simply open it through your web browser. It's the new cloud software option for farmers.

Farm Focus is slightly different to CashManager in the way that this is a more “invoice” focussed software than it was previous. Invoices can be sent via email to the systems Invoice Scanner, where all you need to do is:

  • code the invoice
  • then match the invoice to bank transactions as they arrive daily
  • code any transactions that don’t have an invoice such as bank fees

Transactions are then completed and presented in several specialised views to suit your individual requirements.  For example, the 'Completed' tab allows you to view recent an historic transactions, while the 'Livestock' tab presents all your financial and non-financial stock events in a view you can customise.

Gone is the inconvenience of reconciling bank statements by displaying daily bank balances from bank feeds. This makes it easy to spot any differences.

For more information on Farm Focus, contact us today!  Stay tuned, for Tips & Tricks on how to best use Farm Focus for your farming operation.

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