Employee Engagement

Why employee engagement is key to company success

Jun 30, 2020 / 2 minutes read

Here at McIntyre Dick we place a great deal of importance on our team, their job satisfaction, their pride in their work, and the firm they work for.  We believe that a happy successful team member will provide the best experience and service to our clients.

We invest in each of our team members by providing training opportunities, advice, assistance, and encouragement in goal setting, personal and professional development. 

Like anything, if you don’t measure, you don’t know if you are improving, standing still or even worse, going backwards in your efforts to achieve whatever you are working on.

By randomly surveying on a regular basis across ten metrics to “take the pulse” of our team and assess the success (or otherwise) of our workplace training, wellbeing and benefits programmes.  Metrics measured include Wellness, Alignment, Happiness, Satisfaction, Relationships with their Manager, and their Peers among others.

Over time this builds up a picture of how the team is feeling – are they a passionate advocate for us, are they happy to come to work but not really telling the world how great we are or would they rather be anywhere but here!

The anonymity of the feedback provided gives the team the opportunity to speak up without fear of recrimination, so you get some really honest feedback – good and the not so good.

The results of these surveys give an honest across the board understanding of how the entire team is feeling and which areas are causing them concern, e.g. stress, lack of feedback, relationships with others. 

We find the results and feedback provided useful in assisting us to assess what is truly important to the team in terms of our culture, remuneration and rewards.  Because it is anonymous it gives us an honest picture of how the team really feels about working here at McIntyre Dick.  The clarity it provides allows us to spot any issues and address these before they become a problem. 

If you are interested in giving your team a voice, there are a number of software providers now available online, some offer a free version of their survey tools to get you started. 

The real benefits come once you have built up enough data to show trends over time.  You can then start to assess what is truly important and be smarter with how you invest your funds in your team e.g. do they really value the gym membership and chocolate biscuits for morning tea or would they rather receive this value directly by way of increased remuneration?