Recession looming? How do I stay afloat

Sep 29, 2023 / 2 minutes read

Running a business anywhere in the world can be a rollercoaster ride and economic downturns are inevitable bumps in the journey.

However, with careful planning, strategic decision-making, and a resilient mindset, it's possible to steer your business through uncertain times and even emerge stronger on the other side. Here are some tips for managing your business through economic challenges. Although certain tips may not be applicable to all businesses, it is crucial to explore all available tools that can benefit businesses in general.

1.   Review and refine your business strategy

The first step in safeguarding your business is to review your current strategy and make any necessary adjustments. Take a close look at your products or services, target market, pricing strategies, and competitive landscape. No one knows your business better than you, but touching base with your accountant who has an overview of the reality of your finances certainly helps. Speak with your advisor to help problem solve and identify areas where you can streamline operations, reduce expenses, or diversify your offerings to adapt to a changing market.

2.   Preserve cashflow

In times of economic challenges, cash flow is the lifeline of your business. Implement measures to maintain a healthy cash flow by closely monitoring expenses, negotiating favorable terms with suppliers, and incentivising timely payments from customers. Often clients will tell us more about their situation than they tell close friends and family, lean on your trusted advisor who will have valuable insight as to how you can make your cash flow more resilient. Consider trimming unnecessary costs and exploring innovative ways to generate revenue such as entering new markets or introducing creative products or services and use your trusted advisor to stress test your recommendations.

3.   Build stronger client or customer relationships

Your existing customers or clients play a critical role in your business's stability during uncertain times. Focus on strengthening relationships with them by delivering outstanding customer service, offering tailored solutions, and showcasing the value you provide. Regularly engage with your customers, listen to their feedback, and adapt your offerings accordingly. Building customer loyalty not only protects your revenue but also generates valuable word-of-mouth referrals.

4.   Embrace innovation and flexibility

Economic uncertainties often trigger shifts in consumer behaviour and market dynamics. Encourage your team to think creatively, explore new concepts, and identify opportunities for growth. Consider adapting your business model to meet evolving customer needs, such as offering online services or adopting new technologies to improve efficiency.

5.   Invest in your team

Your team are the backbone of your business as they are for ours, especially when selling time-based services. Their morale and productivity can significantly impact your success. Maintaining transparent communication with your team, providing regular updates on the business's performance and provide opportunities to involve them in decision-making processes. Offer training and professional development opportunities to enhance their skills, boost morale and foster loyalty and commitment.

6.   Stay informed about market trends

Keep a close eye on market trends, economic indicators and changes in consumer behaviour. Regularly review industry reports, participate in local business events, keep your advisor on speed dial and engage with experts in your field. Staying informed about market shifts will enable you to identify emerging opportunities, anticipate challenges, and make informed decisions that give your business a competitive advantage.

Managing a business during economic challenges demands a proactive and adaptable approach. By reassessing your strategy, safeguarding your cash flow, keeping in touch with your accountant and advisor, nurturing customer relationships, embracing innovation, supporting your team, and staying vigilant about market trends, you can position your business for resilience and success.

Challenging times can also bring opportunities, so remain focused, connect with us and be ready to make strategic moves that will benefit your business in the long run.


Craig McCallum


Craig is an expert in reviewing and analysing client’s financial statements and tax returns and provides specialist taxation advice, you can always expect Craig to have his finger on the taxation pulse.

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